Master-Graduates with a EURIDOL major are well equiped to pursue a PhD work on a pain related topic. The EURIDOL advanced courses have provided them an extra understanding of the biology and circuits of pain; the understanding of comorbidities associated with pain; and the pain treatments.

It is however possible to join the Graduate School when starting the PhD, if the research project is done in a team of the Strasbourg Pain Initiative (the EURIDOL research consortium) and on a pain-related topic.

Making high-level pain-related training accessible

Doctoral students who chose to enrol in EURIDOL are registered in a Unistra Doctoral School (ED-222, ED-414, ED-519) and must meet the doctoral training requirements of their respective Doctoral School. EURIDOL PhD-Students have the possibility to attend pain-related training and events with restricted access, such as:

  • A summer school on basic research in pain
    (starting in 2022, in cooperation with the Joint European Doctoral Programme "HaPpY")

  • A winter school on clinical research in pain
    (starting in 2022, in cooperation with the SFETD)

A series of conferences will be launched in 2022.

Further training options are in negotiation and will be published on this page.

EURIDOL Doctorate Validation Criteria

In addition to meeting their doctoral school's validation criteria, EURIDOL PhD-Students have to meet several criteria to receive their EURIDOL Certificate of Achievement. The detailed list of these criteria can be downloaded here.