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PhD calls

The EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain of the University of Strasbourg (Unistra) offers 2 PhD scholarships for doctorates starting between October and December 2023.

Presentation of the call

Each scholarship includes 36 months (3 years) payment according to the official Unistra PhD salary. In 2023, the monthly gross salary is 2044,12€. It will increase each year, according to the doctoral pay scale of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, applicable at the Unistra.

The laureates will

The EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain in a nutshell:

EURIDOL gathers interdisciplinary research teams from neuroscience (fundamental and clinical), pharmaceutical chemistry, human and social sciences, and psychology. All these teams do research on “Pain” from their respective disciplinary approach.

EURIDOL Master and PhD Students register at the University of Strasbourg and have access to specific pain related training.

Explore our website for further information on the Graduate School and proposed funding for its registered PhD Students.


List of proposed research projects

2 of the following proposed PhD projects will be funded:

  1. Development of light-gated PIEZO2 channels: A tool for investigating mechanical allodynia (Research in vitro then in animals; PhD director Thomas Grutter; UMR 7199 CAMB)

  2. Peptidergic control of sensory, affective and cognitive deficits induced by perinatal inflammatory challenges (Research in animals; PhD director Vincent Lelièvre; UPR 3212 INCI)

  3. Study of alterations in thermo-nociceptive perception in type 2 diabetes and prospects for improving the diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy (Research in Humans; PhD director André Dufour; UMR 7364 LNCA)

  4. Corticospinal control of nociception (Research in animals; PhD director Matilde Cordero-Erausquin; UPR 3212 INCI)

  5. Impact of neuropathic pain on the endogenous opioid system (Research in animals; PhD director Sylvain Hugel; UPR 3212 INCI)

  6. Impact of neuropathic pain on opiate treatment efficacy (Research in animals; PhD directors Yannick Goumon/Dominique Massotte; UPR 3212 INCI)

  7. Analgesic tolerance to delta-opioid receptor agonists: Deciphering the signaling mechanism involved and the role of the GPRASP1 protein (Basic research with in vitro and in vivo aspects; PhD director Sandra Lecat; UMR 7242 BSC)


Eligibility criteria

Applications are open to:

Situation 1

Citizens of the European Union, preparing or holding a Master’s degree (or equivalent), worldwide, in a biology or medical related field.

Situation 2

Non-European citizens, preparing or holding a Master’s degree (or equivalent) at a European university/school, in a biology or medical related field.


Candidates to the “Concours B” of the Unistra Doctoral School of Life and Health Sciences (ED414) are not eligible.

Students from the University of Strasbourg are not eligible.



Submissions of applications are due by Monday June 5th 2023, 11 am Paris time at the latest.

Auditions of shortlisted candidates (videoconference) are organised on July 10th or 11th, 2023.


Application documents and Submission

Applications must be submitted in English.




STEP 1 = Upload of 2 files

The candidates will submit 2 PDF files:

1) A file including

  • Form 1, downloadable here.
  • A CV
  • A letter of motivation, which should not indicate the preferred PhD topic(s) but rather highlight the candidate’s motivation to do a thesis on a pain-related topic in one of the Strasbourg laboratories affiliated to the Graduate School.
  • The academic record (in English or French) of at least the 3 first master semesters: grades & ranking.
  • The copies of relevant obtained degrees : diploma/certificate (in English or French).

This file should be named as follows: EURIDOL_AttrCall_2023_1_SURNAME Name

This file must be uploaded here .

2) A separate document including only Form 2, downloadable here. This is where you indicate your 1 to 3 preferred research topics.

This file should be named as follows: EURIDOL_AttrCall_2023_2_SURNAME Name

This file must be uploaded here .

STEP 2 = Information E-mail to the Graduate School

Candidates are requested to send an e-mail to euridol[at] , indicating that they have just uploaded their 2 application files.

This e-mail must not include their application files.

The e-mail subject line should read: Application EURIDOL Attractivity Call, followed by the Surname and Name of the candidate.

IMPORTANT:  Every e-mail will receive a confirmation of receipt. If a candidate does not receive such a confirmation within 5 working days after submission, the candidate should consider that the e-mail did not reach the Graduate School. In this case, the candidate should immediately send another e-mail to euridol[at] and aline.koch[at] .


Application procedure

After June 5th 2023, a first selection committee will pre-select candidates and prepare a short-list of max. 10 candidates, regardless of their preferred research projects.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed before June 26th 2023.

Shortlisted candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the PhD directors of their preferred topics, to learn more about the thesis projects.

Shortlisted candidates will be auditioned by a second selection committee who will rank the candidates. Auditions will take place on July 10th and July 11th, 2023.

As soon as selected candidates and their PhD directors have signed their letter of commitment, EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain will ask the candidates to provide necessary documents to start the PhD contracting procedure.

While EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain will prepare the PhD contract, successful candidates are sole responsible to register at the Doctoral School ED414, according to the Doctoral School’s calendar. 

The EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain will not pay for any travel costs, visa fees, annual tuition fees (around 380€), etc.

Candidates who have not been shortlisted will be informed before June 26th.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of their ranking by July 13th.


Contact: euridol[at]