Funding Pain Research

The research conducted in the EURIDOL laboratories is supported by a variety of funding sources: institutions, private sector, foundations, associations...

Co-funding of EURIDOL research

Funding via the University of Strasbourg Foundation

The Roche Fund for personalised medicine research supported 4 research teams from the Strasbourg Pain Initiative through a call for projects. The supported projects focus on:

  • the study of GRP10 as a new target for the treatment of pain

  • the action of antidepressants on the emotional component of pain

  • the establishment and evaluation of nociception in very premature newborns

  • the evaluation and improvement of the diagnosis of diabetic neuropathies in the elderly.

The Boiron company supports a EURIDOL thesis project on low dose opiates and cannabinoids in neuropathic pain.

The Domiconus comapny supports a EURIDOL project thesis in pain on toxins from marine cones.






Institutional Co-financing

EURIDOL research teams also benefit from several institutional supports.
2 examples are displayed hereafter:

The Grand Est Region

  • currently co-finances 2 theses projects with up to 100,000 euros each.

  • supports functional exploration platforms with 620,000 Euros, aimed at structuring pain research in the Grand Est Region (CLueDol).

The European Union

  • supports "HaPpY", a European Joint Doctoral Training Programme on comorbidities of chronic pain and mood disorders with 3.9 million Euros. HaPpY is led by a EURIDOL team leader and allows the funding of 15 doctoral fellowships, including 7 EURIDOL doctoral students enrolled at the University of Strasbourg.