Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (LIT) | UMR7200  Director: Didier Rognan




Team "Chemical Biology and Pharmacognosy for Health"

Dominique Bonnet

The “Chemical Biology and Pharmacognosy for Health” team, led by Dominique Bonnet (CNRS research director), designs and develops innovative molecules to understand living systems and to open up innovative therapeutic perspectives in the fields of inflammation, pain, autism and infectious diseases. The team belongs to the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (UMR7200, School of Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg) and is a member of the Strasbourg Drug Discovery and Development Institute (IMS), of the pole of excellence 'Frontier Research in Chemistry - Jean-Marie Lehn foundation' and of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Pain Research (EURIDOL). Team members thus provide EURIDOL with expertise in the fields of molecular tool design for chemical biology studies and drug discovery and development.

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Team "Chemogenomics and Medicinal Chemistry"

Frédéric Bihel

The Chemogenomics and Medicinal Chemistry (CCM) team is led by Frédéric Bihel (CNRS research director) and belongs to the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (UMR7200, Pharmacy Faculty located in Illkirch, Strasbourg). At the interface of several disciplines such as chemoinformatics, organic and medicinal chemistry or structural biology, the CCM team aims to rationalise and accelerate the discovery of bioactive molecules and to optimise the latter to turn them into drug candidates. The CCM team is heavily involved in the field of pain through the design and synthesis of anti-hyperalgesics targeting in particular RFamide GPCRs (licensed product) or RTK FLT3 (creation of the start-up BIODOL).

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