Hospital centres and services

Strasbourg Pain Evaluation and Treatment Centre (CETD)  Prof. Eric Salvat

The Pain - Evaluation and Treatment - Centre (CETD) of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg takes care of patients with chronic pain. The CETD team, multi-professional, works in interdisciplinarity with specific fields of expertise for certain types of pain, such as cancer pain, peripheral or central neuropathic pain, migraines and headaches, chronic lumbar sciatica or severe pelvic-perineal pain. Depending on the indications, non-pharmacological pain therapies, psychotherapeutic care and complementary therapies can also be proposed for patients included in a care path within the department.

SUH Website of The Pain - Evaluation and Treatment - Centre


Strasbourg Centre for Non-Invasive Neuromodulation (CEMNIS)  Dr. Jack Foucher

The Centre implements robotic transcranial magnetic resonance (rTMS) machines, initially used to treat depression and certain psychiatric disorders or epilepsy, to treat patients with chronic pain and their comorbidities. The efficacy of rTMS has been demonstrated for various chronic pain states such as neuropathic or phantom limb pain. Access to this technology makes CEMNIS a unique centre in France and contributes to the quality of the EURIDOL training-research programme.

SUH Website of the Centre for Non-Invasive Neuromodulation


Sleep Disorders Centre (CIRCsom)  Prof. Patrice Bourgin

CIRCSom is a joint project between the Strasbourg University Hospital and the Institute of Cellular & Integrative Neuroscience (INCI). It will - as a human laboratory - match, in a functional sense, the Chronobiotron located at INCI, which is itself a unique platform for studying animal chronobiology.

SUH Website of the International Resaerch Centre for ChronoSomnology


Associated Hospital Services

  • Neonatal intensive care unit
  • Accompanying care unit, care support and palliative care