The platforms have benefitted from EURIDOL financing and financing of the Région Grand Est.

Human Investigation Platform "Centre for Neurocognitive and Neurophysiological Investigations” (Ci2N)  Prof. André Dufour

The research carried out on the Ci2N-UMS 3489 platform aims to understand how the human brain selects, integrates and memorises sensory information. These questions are addressed using a wide variety of techniques measuring physiological and electrophysiological markers of brain and peripheral nervous system activity.


Ci2N Website

Animal Experimentation Platform "Behaviour and Optogenetics" (ComptOpt)  Dr. Mélanie Kremer

The "Behaviour and Optogenetics (ComptOpt)" animal experimentation platform (CNRS, INCI, UPR3212) specialises in the study of rodent behaviour, particularly in models and tests of pain and psychiatric pathologies. It combines these models and tests with surgical approaches (stereotaxic surgeries) and genetic approaches to understand the biological bases of the behaviours studied. ComptOpt designs, develops, adapts and implements new methodologies (models, tests and protocols) within the framework of animal biology research on pain and psychiatric disorders. It also coordinates the transfer of know-how in animal experimentation on these research themes.


ComptOpt Website

Chronobiotron  Dr. Sophie Reibel-Foisset & Dr. Dominique Ciocca

The Chronobiotron is a hosting and functional exploration platform for rodents, which has the particularity of having equipment specifically designed for the study of biological rhythms, all the mechanisms put in place by organisms to anticipate and therefore adapt to cyclical variations in their environment. This mixed service unit (UMS3415) CNRS - Unistra (University of Strasbourg) brings together on the same site three complementary entities: a conventional animal facility, a transgenic animal facility as well as a level 3 secure area. The Chronobiotron has the GIS-IBiSA label and adheres to the charter for research platforms in life sciences.

Chronobiotron Website