This support aims to help our young researchers prepare for their postdoctoral career. For the 2021 edition, Gaëlle Awad receives 3000€.

EURIDOL Graduate School of Pain offers “End-of-thesis-support” to EURIDOL PhD-candidates in the final year of their thesis

Gaëlle Awad is a 4th year neuroscience PhD student at the Laboratory of Cognitive and Adaptive Neuroscience in the "Drug Abuse and Neuroadaptations" team under the supervision of Katia Befort (LNCA) and Mary.C. Olmstead (Queens University, Kingston, Canada). Addictive behaviours can be associated with chronic pain and her project focuses on the impact of excessive sugar consumption on reward and pain perception. With the "End of thesis support" obtained in the framework of EURIDOL, Gaëlle will visit her co-director M.C. Olmstead and will take advantage of this opportunity to present her work in Canadian laboratories, targeting "pain and addiction" topics, in the perspective of a postdoctoral stay.