Impact of COVID-19 on chronic pain structures: data from French national survey

"Aims: The authors evaluated the impact of the first COVID-19 pandemic wave on French chronic pain structures (CPS). Methods: An online survey assessed CPS resource allocation, workflow and perceived impact on patient care. Results: All CPS workflow was severely impacted by the reallocation of 42% of specialists. In-person appointments were cancelled by 72% of participants. Follow-up was maintained in 91% of participants (telemedicine). Skills in end-of-life decision-making/counseling were rarely solicited. The perceived impact of the crisis on the experience of patients was high (eight out of ten), with a significant increase in access-to-care delay. Conclusion: CPS maintained patient follow-up. Special features of CPS specialists were rarely solicited by COVID-19 teams experiencing a high workload. Recommendations on optimal CPS resource reallocations have to be standardized in crisis conditions."


Meggane Melchior, Mikhail Dziadzko, Séverine Conradi, Pierrick Poisbeau and Frédéric Aubrun

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