PhD-Students Marion Gaborit and Volodya Hovhannisyan write about their participation at the International Narcotic research conference in Valencia, 2022.

EURIDOL financially supported their participation at this conference.


The International Narcotic research conference (INRC) is the perfect meeting for anyone working on the field of opioids, narcotics, pain and addiction. This conference brings together researchers, post-docs and students from around the world to share their latest scientific advances at both the preclinical and clinical levels, covering topics ranging from chemistry and molecular biology to behavioural science. The 2022 edition of the Congress featured an exciting scientific and social program in the wonderful setting of the great city of Valencia (Spain). This year, the congress covered several topics, all focusing on the involvement of opioids in "neonatal opioid exposure," "sex specific signaling," "pain, reward, and affective neural circuits," "headache disorders," "the gut-brain axis," "new therapeutic strategies," "new tools and techniques," etc. The wide variety of topics covered allows anyone involved in opioid research to find great interest in these conferences, and to participate in fruitful discussions that may bring them new ideas. Additionally, numerous social event allowed us to meet with several inspiring researchers, some for their pioneering role in opioid research and others for their innovative ideas and stunning backgrounds. On top of that, it was an opportunity to discover the Valencian culture and the tasty food, a lot of tasty food! Sin caracoles por favor. This congress takes place every year and this year will take place in Atlanta, USA from 9 to 12 July 2023, so if you can don’t miss the occasion.