PhD-Student Sarah Journée tells about her participation at the "School of Neuroscience: from cellular mechanisms to disease modeling", organised by the Lake Como School of Advanced studies.

EURIDOL financially supported Sarah's participation at this spring school.


By the lake Como in Italy, lies the Villa Grumello, where the Lake Como School of Neuroscience took place from the 9th until the 13th of May 2022.

Apart from the good Italian food and the magnificent view from the villa’s conference room, the week was filled with various interesting talks about neuroscience, especially in the scope of disease modeling. From anxiety and depression to chronic pain, via neurodegenerative diseases, and ranging from human patients to animal models, the discussions were diverse. 16 students were reunited for this summer school, coming from Italy, Spain, Russia, Albania, Hungary, Iran, France, and all had the opportunity to present their project and discuss it with their peers, which raised very interesting questions and discussions for their projects.

The invited speakers were also in great number and gave interesting talks, with thematics per session, which allowed to cover several subjects such as “Brain under stress”, “Neuropsychiatric research”, “Neurodegenerative disorders”, “Nerve injury”, “Microglia”; but also sessions dedicated to methodological approaches such as “Innovative methodological approaches” or “Stem cell models”. The broad variety of subjects was one of the big strengths of this summer school, along with the students all living together, which led to very passionate discussions and hopefully long-lasting science relationships.

The summer school will probably happen again in about two years, so keep your eyes open!