Comorbidity of chronic pain and anxiodepressive disorders: Deciphering underlying brain circuits

"Chronic pain and anxiodepressive disorders are well-known for being intimately related and for influencing each other, but the mechanisms underlying this clinically significant comorbidity remain largely unknown. In this issue, Bravo et al. (2020) address this challenging topic by focusing on brain structures implicated in their bidirectional relationship. By reviewing lesion, pharmacologic, optogenetic or chemogenetic studies, they nicely recapitulate the role of individual brain structures (such as the prefrontal cortex - PFC, the amygdala, the nucleus accumbens - NAc, the locus coeruleus - LC, and the hippocampus) in the anxiodepressive disorders-pain dyad."


Léa J Becker, Sarah H Journée, Pierre-Eric Lutz, Ipek Yalcin