Depression in focus: Insights from animal and human data, from molecular to behavioural analyses

"Depressive disorders are endemic as they affect around 16% of the population at some point over the lifespan, and they result in personal suffering, increased risk of suicide and notable socioeconomic burden. The core symptoms include low mood, low self-esteem and a general loss of interest. Because the neurobiological mechanisms of depressive disorders remain poorly understood, and current treatments are only effective in approximately two-thirds of patients, there is an intensive ongoing research on the molecular and neural mechanisms underlying depression and its therapies, to determine the factors of risk or resilience to depression and to identify new therapeutic targets. This Special Issue includes selected reviews and articles from human and animal-based research, focusing on depressive disorders through an integrative analysis, from cellular, molecular and circuitry levels to behavioural and environmental analyses. It is dedicated to the memories of Ron Duman and Paul Greengard."


Michel Barrot, Ipek Yalcin

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