Overexpression of chloride importer NKCC1 contributes to the sensory-affective and sociability phenotype of rats following neonatal maternal separation

"Early life stress is known to affect the development of the nervous system and its function at a later age. It increases the risk to develop psychiatric disorders as well as chronic pain and its associated affective comorbidities across the lifespan. GABAergic inhibition is important for the regulation of central function and related behaviors, including nociception, anxiety or social interactions, and requires low intracellular chloride levels. Of particular interest, the oxytocinergic (OTergic) system exerts potent anxiolytic, analgesic and pro-social properties and is known to be involved in the regulation of chloride homeostasis and to be impaired following early life stress."


Géraldine Gazzo, Meggane Melchior, Andréa Caussaint, Clémence Gieré, Vincent Lelièvre, Pierrick Poisbeau

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